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There's This Mean Girl

I've met so many classmates in my life and a lot of them are still my friends today. I am so thankful for all those people who have changed my life. They have all affected me in some way.

A handful of times, however, have not been great. They've affected me negatively. The fun moments ended in fights. The friends turned into enemies.

In grade four I had just gotten into a new friend group. All was well, and I got along with everyone in the group perfectly. Except for one of them.

All of my friends had always been so kind, mindful, and respectful of others. They had always thought of others' emotions before saying anything, and I loved that so much about them. This one girl in the group wasn't like that. She'd make jokes that weren't funny, blurted things out, and always hurt people in the process.

This girl had always bothered me, but she was friends with all of my friends, and so I decided to give her a shot.

I wouldn't say that we were ever close friends, but we did become friends. She would always hang out with us and was always around, and so I got to know her.

The one thing I noticed right away about this girl was that she was very loud and outspoken. That's why no one ever challenged her about anything she said.

I decided to make my peace with the fact that she was going to be in my life. I tried my hardest never to make her angry or say anything bad about her. I didn't want her to dislike me.

Throughout the years her and my friends started getting closer, and I began to feel like she liked me less and less each day. What hurt the most was that I didn't even know what I had ever done to make her hate me.
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In grade 6, everything took a tumble. Two of my very close friends got really close to her, and stopped talking to and hanging out with me. I had no idea what she was saying to them that turned them against me. It was awful.

This girl hurt me, and though I never (and still don't) consider these events bullying, I still had that aching feeling in my heart of "why me?"

She moved to a different school for my grade seven year, and one of those friends came back to me and realized how awful this had been for me. She later opened up to me and told me that this girl was telling all of my friends untrue things behind my back. She said I was a 'friend/boy stealer', 'a spoiled brat', and many other things that I'm not going to mention. It hurt because this girl was supposed to be my friend. I was later told that she was  jealous of me.

One girl who became close to this enemy never came back. She still holds this awful grudge towards me, but it's not her fault. She was friends with the girl, and so it makes sense that she would form similar opinions.

This girl still bothers me to this day. I hope that she understands how smart and special she is, and making other people look bad doesn't make her look any better.

I only wish that they would have gotten to know me before making assumptions and spreading lies and rumors.Being attacked by friends is awful. Friends should be there for you, not bring you down.

What I learned from this is that if someone is hurting you, be nice, but don't let them bring you down. If things are being said behind your back, that's the perfect opportunity to see who your true friends are. If friends have your back, they will be with you through everything. If not, maybe they aren't the best friends.

You'll be just fine,

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  1. I'm sorry that happened to you :( But I'm glad you realize that when people treat you like that, it is about them and their own insecurities, and it's not about you really at all. I'm proud of you for showing compassion for this mean girl and still wishing her well 💜


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