Class of 2017

Class of 2017
By Kaylie

"Class of 2017"
What an unbelievable thing to say.
I've been here for four years now,
I've come here day after day.
Multiple schools before this,
At least one more to come,
But none of them have changed my life,
Or become my family like this one.
It all started with one incredible girl;
Bunk buddies one summer.
Little did I know the years would fly,
And I'd be graduating along side her.
Two little girls,
Mars Bar's in hand,
She shared her best friends with me,
And the rest is history!
It's a silly thing, kind of stupid really,
Younger us planned our whole lives together,
Even to the point of our dorms in university.
And how we'd be together on our first day of high school,
Almost like a story book,
But that's not how things work out.
I walk through the school hallways grasping my last looks.
I've watched you guys be stupid,
I've seen you guys act smart.
I've watched you guys break things,
But I've also seen you guys make art.
You guys have seen my highs and my lows,
You've learned beside me.
I've watched you all grow.
I'm just one piece in this puzzle,
We're all a perfect fit.
All so very different,
Make good choices,
This is it!
Yes, we're a bunch of weirdos,
But as you can see,
We are the class of 2017!


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