The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
By Kaylie
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A grey tombstone marks the place
Of the lone soldier with the unidentified face.
No family to claim that he belonged
And now has laid dead all along.
No name, no age, and no family known of.
Now his nameless soul stays with God above.
Who was this man?
What was his name?
But he, like all others played this terrible game,
of death, of pain, of war, of peace,
Still went through it all,
Still fell to his knees.
No family to come visit him,
No one to care,
Almost as though he never was there.
One man in millions,
No different from no other,
No one to visit him,
No one to bother.
A wife, a daughter, a son, nothing at all?
What did he leave behind?
How did he fall?
We might never know, left forever unknown,
Lying forever under his stone.
Now he lays in the his tomb with no name
People flood the streets acknowledging his pain.
Still acknowledged, but never a name to call by,
The unknown soldier who in the war died.
Now he lays forever and ever
In the tomb of the unknown soldier.


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