Leaving your Friends

I've been told since the day that I was born that family is the most important thing in a persons life. And that's very much true! But then why do I always want to be around my friends and get rid of my family?

The main difference between family and friends is that  family is required to love you. That's their job, and they don't normally have a say in whether or not they want to care for you and be there for you. 

Your peers don't have to love you. They don't have to be in your life. When they do decide to be in your life, it makes you feel good. When you form a friendship, you get an incredible friend that's not only there for laughs and good times, but you get a support group, a shoulder to cry on, and someone that may not understand everything you're going through, but who will always sit, listen, and be there for you.
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In grade four, I started at a new school. I didn't know many people there, except for one girl that I had met a few years before at camp. At nine years old, it wasn't really an issue moving schools. I wasn't worried at all about making friends.

I didn't realize it at the time, but looking back, this girl I met was best friend material right from the start. She had been at the school since kindergarten, and knew almost all of the kids really well. Despite already having a very close friend group, she and the rest of the group welcomed me with open arms. 

There was a group of about ten of us who always hung out. It was amazing. We remained friends until the day of our grade 7 graduation. (Read "Class of 2017" in My Poetry)

Up until that year, I thought we would remain together and go to the same high school. I soon found out that, for many reasons, I would not be able to do that. I had never had a friend group last that long. It broke me to know that it wouldn't last any longer. I couldn't even imagine starting high school without them. I wouldn't have anybody, let alone my best friends.

I didn't see these friends much over the summer, and we sadly grew apart. They all lived in the same area, and still had each other, just like they always had. I began to feel like I didn't  have anyone.  I felt completely alone and I hadn't even started the hard part yet.

The beginning of high school killed me. It was terrifying and I didn't have anyone to be scared with me. It was a wake up call into the real world, where people weren't nice and no one cared about the people around them. 

The first week of high school straight up sucked. It truly did. It was the worst week of my life. I had so many emotions, none of them good, and I didn't know what to do.

I was always so stubborn towards my parents, peers, and family about not wanting to leave my friends. They tried so hard to make me see the bright side of things, but my grudge against the world remained.

The second week of high school is over, and it absolutely kills me to say this, but I'm doing just fine. I may not be the most popular kid in school, but I have a few people who care. I have people to talk to, which is all I really need. I'm sure it'll get better. 

I still see my old friends, and we have created so many memories that are irreplaceable. They'll always be a big chapter in my life, but it never hurts to write a new one.

Don't let leaving something behind ruin your chance at starting something new! Explore life with an open mind, meet new people, and do new things! Grow as a person! Goodbyes are okay, and new hello's are okay too!

You'll be just fine,


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  1. You have a lot of courage, not because you went to a new school, you didn't have a choice about that. You have a lot of courage because you decided to approach it with a positive spirit.


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