How I Write My Daily Posts


My name is Kaylie. Welcome to my blog, Kaylie's Locker Low Down. I'm an awkward high school freshman trying my best at life.

I started high school a few weeks ago, and as I find a way to survive it, I will gladly share that knowledge with you!

I will post regularly about things that happen to me and then I will sit back, analyze, and look at the situation as if it were happening to a close friend of mine. That way, I can give advice to anyone who may be experiencing something similar. I hope that some of my blogs will help you.

I am in no place to give professional advice. I will try my best to help you based on my personal experiences, mistakes I've made, and lessons I've learned.

I am completely open to your comments, suggestions, constructive feedback, and criticism. If I see a suggestion that I have personal experience with, I would love to help!

I hope that my blog helps somebody!

You'll be just fine,


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  1. I think stepping back and viewing your situation as if it happened to someone else is great advice. Maybe you could write a whole blog just on that!

    1. That would be awesome! I definitely will! I love how you added onto it in your blog, and I'm glad you liked it.

  2. I look forward to reading More.


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