Annoying Siblings Pt. 2

Just when you think that your life is pretty okay and settling into a routine, there's always something unsuspected that will come along and change all of that. In my case it was another brother!

Five years after Jamie was born, I had kind of suspected that my mother was going to have another child. She began getting sick and talking in private with my dad and family. Plus, I knew she wanted to have another kid.

One day, my mom was acting really suspicious and told us to get into the car because we were going to go take a photo shoot at the park. I knew this was really weird. She told us to wait for her in the car. I had to grab something from inside the house, and overheard my mom saying, "I even got the baby sleeper and everything!" This only supported my theory.

I went out to the car to tell Jamie that I thought mom was pregnant. He was completely convinced that she wasn't, and so I just sat and waited to see if I was right.

We got to the park, and my mom got out her camera, and all of her friends showed up. She gave Jamie and I a gift bag and I wanted to scream, "I told you so!" as I pulled a baby sleeper out of it.

To this day, Jamie still says that he was the one who knew about the pregnancy, and I was the one in the wrong.

To be completely honest, even though I suspected it to happen, I never truly thought that the moment would come. It was weird that no matter how prepared I was for it, my stomach still dropped when it became real. I don't even know what I felt. I didn't know if I was happy, or not, and I was wondering why I wouldn't be.

We had always pretty much been our family of four, and it wasn't so much that I didn't want another sibling, it was more of not wanting a change.

I soon thought it over and it clicked in my mind how excited I was! A new baby in our family would be amazing. Plus, I was going to be so much older this time around, and I would be able to be much more involved. Also, it would be my second chance at having a baby sister, but knowing my luck, that wouldn't be the case.

My mom being pregnant was really fun. I don't really remember her ever being pregnant with Jamie, so it was really different.

The day my parents found out the gender of the baby, my mom decided to put either blue or pink handprints on a white shirt and reveal it to us when she picked us up from school. She walked up to me while covering her shirt with paper. I couldn't wait, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw the tiniest smudge of blue paint on her shoulder, and my mood dropped. I was disappointed, but honestly, I was going to love the baby with all of my heart, whether it was  a boy or a girl. 

I woke up one night, a few months later, to my dad shaking me at around midnight. "Kaylie, Mom's having the baby, we need to drive her to the hospital." I ran up the stairs without a second thought to find that my mom's water had just broke. I immediately started taking orders and packing things into the car.

We got to the hospital, and Jamie and I had to stay behind while my Mom was rushed in. We waited until my grandma came to pick us up and drove us to our Auntie's house, where we spent the night.

Jamie and I had the following day off of school and we waited all day for the news. At around 4:00 pm that night, we got the phone call saying that Kye had been born. I was absolutely devastated when I found that I would have to wait until the next day to see him.

I was frozen with shock as I walked into that hospital room. Everything was so silent, and the room smelled so clean and new. My Mom was sitting on her hospital bed, holding my brother. My eyes wanted to cry so badly, but for some reason they couldn't. This was just too happy, even for tears of joy.

He was so small, and so warm in my arms. I wanted to hold him for forever, but sadly, I had to share.

I loved Kye since the second I saw him, and I still do with all my heart. I'm glad that I'm so much older this time, and I'm thankful that I can appreciate the little moments, like his first birthday and his first steps.

Although he isn't at the annoying stage yet, I think knowing that he will get there, in some ways, will make me stronger.

I'm so much older than him, and so by the time he gets to the point where I can't take it, I'll be having my own life and journey to worry about. It will then be Jamie's turn to be traumatized, and I'm glad that he will soon be getting a taste of his own medicine.

Our little family of five is doing amazing. We all love each other with all of our hearts, and it's all I could've ever wanted. Though I never got my long awaited baby sister, I couldn't ever imagine it any other way. I don't know what all the big fuss was about, I love being the only girl, and I love having two baby brothers.

Even when siblings are annoying, they still mean so much to you. Share their little happy moments with them. Those are what matter, not all of the silly fights. Love them, and spend more time with them. You're stuck with them until you're 18, and so you might as well make the best of it.

You'll be just fine,