Annoying Siblings Pt. 1

Siblings. Whether they are older or younger than you, we can all agree they can be annoying. What's even worse is that they're your family, and so no matter how much they make you angry, you still love them.

In my family, I'm the oldest of three kids. I have two younger brothers, Jamie who's 8, and Kye who's almost two. I swear, they both drive me mentally insane sometimes.

The first five years of my life I was an only child. I remember bits and pieces of it, but not enough that I can truly remember how amazing it was to be an only child. Looking back, I wish that I had enjoyed this time more.

When I was around five, my parents told me that I was going to have a baby brother or sister. I was so excited! I wanted a baby sister so badly, and though I knew that I may not get one, I couldn't help but dream.

I don't specifically remember being told the gender of the baby, but I must have known that my mom found out it was a baby boy.

I do, however, remember waking up one morning and my grandma telling me that my mom had gone to the hospital to have the baby. We drove to the hospital and I met and held Jamie for the first time! He was so small, and I couldn't believe that I was a big sister now! I remember my grandma helping me make a teddy bear for him, and making an "I am a big sister!" shirt for me.

Jamie and I got along so incredibly well, and always played, watched movies, and sang together. He was really good when he was from about ages 0-5, and we always had so much fun and rarely ever fought. We both loved each other with all of our hearts.

When he turned five, I was ten, and we started fighting more. He thought he could be independent, and to be fair, I thought I could too. We'd both rather hang out with our friends than with each other. Whenever we were forced to spend time together, we were disgusted and never could agree on anything. We would find every way possible to scream at each other and get the other in trouble.

Things changed quickly though, and soon he always wanted to be around me. Starting around age 11, all I wanted to do was be with my friends, in my room, or on social media. Jamie is so full of energy, always wanting to be out bike riding, playing video games, and on the trampoline. I would say no, and he would get upset, thinking I didn't love him. Then I would feel guilty. 

Looking back, all he wanted was to hang out and spend time with his older sister, just like he used to. I was the one getting older and shutting him out.

Other times, he would just get plain mean, getting me in trouble, calling me names, and telling awful lies to make me look bad. What's even worse, since I am the oldest, my parents believe that everything is my fault, simply because I am older, and "should've known better." The younger ones always get away with everything!

One time, he told the lifeguard at the swimming pool that I wasn't old enough to be in the hot tub, just to make me mad. I got kicked out while all of my friends got to stay in.

I'm sure that I can get pretty nasty too, even when I don't realize it. To be completely honest, we still probably fight at least once a day, if not more. Sometimes he really does say and do things that hurt my feelings. I have hurt his feelings too. That's one of the weird thing about siblings. They're one of the people in life that annoy and hurt you the most, and yet you still love them with all of your heart!

At the end of the day, no matter how many fights and lies cross our way, I still love him. Sometimes, I only have to wait until 3:00 am, when he has a nightmare and crawls into my bed, for that annoyance to return. But I know that I would do anything for him to be safe and happy. I also know that when I get old, scraggly, and grey, he'll still come to my nursing home just to annoy me. I love you Jamie. :)

Siblings will annoy you your whole existence, and sometimes it will feel like it will never stop, but it will, my parents promise. It's sibling's jobs to embarrass you and make you angry, but they only do it because they love you. If they're younger, trust me, they look up to you with all their hearts. And if they're older? Well, then you mean the absolute world to them. I promise, even if it doesn't seem like it. 

You'll be just fine,

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