Acid Tears & Desperate Breaths

Acid Tears & Desperate Breaths
By Kaylie

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The clouds in the sky were an awful shade of grey.
The Heavens seemed to be twisting and colliding with oneself,
Like a child thrown this way and that,
Trying so desperately to discover their place in our cold, harsh society.
A little boy's tears burning like acid, running down frostbitten cheeks,
A women's warm breathe escaping cracked, bleeding lips as smoothly and as sudden as ocean waves hitting the shore.
Your life,
Your breathe seen for the first time ever so clearly,
Like a ghost struggling to escape it's regrets of the life it once lived,
The pain it felt just days ago,
And yet it feels like an eternity.
The first evidence of life,
Seeming so foreign to the cold September air.
The sky,
The ground covered in a blanket of beautiful, 
Yet blood curdling red leaves,
The dry,
Emptiness of the air,
Is comforting to a mind aware of the pain of being forgotten.
Being forgotten and thrown into a world of innocent misunderstandings.
The fear of complete hopelessness blurs your thoughts,
To the point where even your grandfathers prehistorical spectacles cant even begin to help you see them clearly.
Your mental pain has become physical,
And your bones ache worse by the second.
It's become unbearable.
Acid tears and desperate breathes escape from you,
But not much more.
Providing you with an awful pain,
But then the perfect relief.


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